Vivienne Kalman
Food Editor's Notes:
This is one of my mother’s specialties. She has cut down on the fat by using mayonnaise or soup instead of added chicken fat, but it is still delicious. Do not process this too fine; there should be some small chunks left to provide texture. I freeze the livers from all my chickens year-round, so that my mother will have an ample supply for our Rosh Hashanah and Passover meals.
2 1/2 pounds chicken or beef liver
8 eggs, hardboiled
6 medium onions
oil (peanut or cottonseed for Passover, or chicken fat)
salt and pepper to taste
mayonnaise or chicken soup
Broil liver until medium done. Saute sliced onion in oil or chicken fat until soft and medium brown. Cool liver, eggs, and onions. Grind liver, eggs, and onions together OR, if using a food processor, process each item separately and combine in a large bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add mayonnaise or soup to get desired texture.
This makes about 16 servings.
Vivienne Kalman is the Food Editor’s mother.

Chopped Liver