Rosalind Joffe, z”l
Food Editor's Notes:
My grandmother, of blessed memory, always made this for family seders. She chopped the eggs and onions by hand, and for large groups, this took some time. But with modern egg slicers and food processors, this refreshing first course is a breeze to make. Despite the cholesterol, almost everyone around the table partakes of this once-a-year treat. This dish is full of symbolism. The eggs are a traditional symbol of spring and new beginnings and the salt water reminds us of the tears the Israelites shed while slaves in Egypt. And now, for us, it evokes warm memories of Gram.
One large egg, hardboiled, for each serving
Red or yellow onion, scallions, or chives, chopped fine
Pitcher of salted water

For each serving, place in bowl one coarsely chopped hardboiled egg, a small amount of onion or scallions, and salted water. Serve at room temperature.
Rosalind Joffe z”l was the Food Editor’s grandmother.