Stuffed Matzah Balls

Sandra Block

When you bite into these matzah balls, you will see color and experience texture with each spoonful. This is quite a revolutionary change to the matzah ball that we all know and love – so enjoy! 

Matzah ball batter (use your favorite recipe or the packaged mix)

Shred or scrape the carrots and celery to make colorful vegetable shavings. Working with firm or semi-firm matzah ball batter, shape the ball into any size and carefully poke your finger into the center to form a hole. Gently stuff the shavings into the center of the hole. Close the batter over the vegetables and reshape the ball. Boil and serve the matzah balls as you would normally.


[Food editor’s note: This is indeed a pleasant twist on the standard accompaniment to chicken soup. The matzah ball batter must be fairly firm when you insert the vegetables or else it will fall apart. I found that it was easier with larger size balls.]

Sandra Block is a former Bostonian currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was checking out and wanted to share her recipe with our visitors, so she posted it on the Community Forum. From there to the Food Page! Thank you Sandra!

Stuffed Matzah Balls