Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Fresh Strawberry Pie
By Jamie Stolper @ 3:22 PM :: 5435 Views :: 168 Comments :: :: All, Desserts, Holidays, Passover, Pareve

This is a wonderful dessert for spring, when strawberries are at their peak.  We tested this recipe as a Passover dessert, as a friend of mine said she makes two of these every year for her seder and everyone looks forward to them.  All our tasters loved the flavor and texture of the filling, fresh and fruity, but not overly sweet.  The recipe below is a variation of the one in New Kosher Cuisine for All Seasons, contributed by Sena Yamuder of Izzy's Kosher Catering in Rhode Island.  Try different crusts to vary the taste, such as the butter crust in Judy Rosenberg's Raspberry Cream Cheese Tart or Apple Rustica, or the macaroon crust in Suzanne Weixel's Cheese Cake.  This pie is delicious, but the glaze and the crust don't hold up well for more than a day.  It's best to prepare the pie crust, glaze, and strawberries ahead of time and then assemble shortly before serving.  For Passover, assemble the pie just before sitting down to the seder and pop it into the fridge to stay cool and firm.  Make sure the whole strawberries used in the pie are of top quality for the best presentation and taste.