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Julie Weisman

This is a very simple preparation using my
Asian Style Vinaigrette.  I simply put salt and pepper on my salmon and brush it with a fairly heavy coat of the vinaigrette about 1/2 hour before grilling.  Brushing the fish with the vinaigrette provides a subtle seasoning, allowing the flavor of the fish to predominate.  If you'd like a stronger Asian flavor, marinate the salmon in a larger quantity of the vinaigrette for about 30 minutes.  This might also be nice with chicken.  I would marinate the chicken and stir-fry (or grill) with peppers and onions. 

Food Editor's Notes: I made this salmon and served it with the
Asian Cole Slaw, which was a great pairing, perfect for a summer dinner, as only the grilling of the fish needs to be done at the last minute.  I reserved a few tablespoons of the dressing before adding the rest to the cole slaw and used this to brush the fish on both sides.  I ended up pan-grilling the fish inside and it was mild-flavored and delicious.

Salmon fillets
Asian Style Vinaigrette
Salt and pepper

Brush or marinate the salmon with the vinaigrette.  Cook on an outdoor grill or in a grill pan indoors for a few minutes on each side, depending on thickness.  The fish is done when it flakes easily.  [F.E. note: I stick a fork in the center of the fillet to make sure the fish is cooked through.  Don't overcook!]

Julie Weisman is an indispensable member of the ShalomBoston.com staff and is a terrific cook.  Now that her children are grown and out of the house (well, they come and go!), she seems to have more time to try new recipes.  Hopefully she will continue to share them with ShalomBoston.com!

Asian Style Salmon


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