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Wine (or grape juice)
Seder Plate, including:
Horseradish (store-bought or recipe)
Mango-Date Charoset (recipe, or many others)
Parsley, with bowls of salt water
Roasted egg
Roasted shankbone
Lettuce or celery

Chicken Soup (recipe)
Stuffed Matzah Balls (recipe)
Arugula Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette (recipe)
Passover Popover Rolls (recipe)
Turkey Breast with Balsamic Glaze and Vegetable Saute (recipe)
Quinoa Pilaf (recipe)
Home-made Cucumber Pickles

Meringue with Berries and Chocolate (recipe)
Pecan Lace Cookies (recipe)
Chocolate Fruit Nut Bark (recipe)

Contemporary Passover Seder Dinner Menu


Hawaiian Heaven

This menu consists of easy-to-prepare dishes that will make you think you're on vacation in Hawaii - where my husband eats poke every day!  A cool, delicious treat in the summer, and a fantasy meal in the winter!

Pineapple, Bell Pepper, and Cucumber Gazpacho (see recipe)
Poke - Raw Marinated Tuna, Hawaiian-style (see recipe)
Seaweed Salad (recipe to come)
Mango Cream Parfaits (see recipe)

The tuna can also be quickly and very lightly seared (stir-fried), a la Sam Choy, the famous Hawaiian chef.  It can be served as a main course with the Seaweed Salad, or on top of a bed of lettuce or julienned vegetables.  The Mango Cream Parfaits can also be made with peaches (very ripe, skinned and pitted), instead of the mango.

My next Hawaiian dish to recreate: Lillikoi (passionfruit) Cheesecake.

Recipes and menu are property of ShalomBoston.  These and others can be found on the food pages of ShalomBoston.com.

Menu for Breaking the Yom Kippur Fast
This meal varies according to family tradition and individual preference. In my house, we break the fast with challah and chicken soup. Then, after a while, we have a meal of the previous evening's leftovers, including the treasured kreplach. What could be bad? Others prefer a dairy meal, which might include the following traditional foods:
Tea and orange juice
Bagels with cream cheese and smoked fish
Noodle kugel (recipe)
Herring in sour cream
Sliced tomatoes, cucumber, and onion
Honey cake (recipe)
Poppy seed chocolate chip cake (recipe)
Fresh fruit
Menu for the Meal Before the Yom Kippur Fast
Round Challah (recipe)
Apples and honey
Chicken soup (recipe) with kreplach (recipe)
Tossed salad with dressing
Roast turkey breast or roast beef
Mashed potatoes (recipe)


Sponge cake with fresh fruit (recipe)
Double Chocolate Brownies (recipe)

Traditional Passover Seder Menu
Wine (or grape juice)
Seder plate, including:
Horseradish (recipe)
Charoset (recipe)
Parsley, with bowls of salt water
Roasted egg
Roasted shankbone
Lettuce or celery
Passover Egg Soup (recipe)
Gefilte Fish (recipe)
Chicken Soup (recipe) with Matzah Balls (recipe)
Chopped Liver (recipe)
Passover Bulkies (recipe)
Brisket with Wine Sauce (recipe)
Chicken with Apricots and Figs (recipe)
Meat Tzimmes (recipe)
Potato Kugel  (recipe)
Roasted Asparagus (recipe)
Molded Cranberry Relish (recipe)
Pickles (recipe)



Passover Sponge Cake (recipe)
Dried Fruit Compote (recipe)
   &/or fresh strawberries
Chocolate Soufflé Roll (recipe)
Coconut Macaroons (recipe)
Chocolate Coconut Macaroons (recipe)
Matzah Caramel Crunch (recipe)

Shabbat Dinner Menu for Thanksgiving Weekend
First Course:
Challah with Cranberries (recipe)
Classic Chicken Soup (recipe)

Main Course:
Left-over Turkey (see our Thanksgiving Dinner Menus)
Left-over vegetables and/or:
Roasted Root Vegetables (recipe)
Applesauce (recipe)
Green Salad

Poached Pears with Ginger and Lemon (recipe)
Zabaglione (recipe)

Sunday Brunch for Thanksgiving Weekend
Assorted Juices
German Apple Pancake (recipe)
Cranberry Orange Bread (recipe)
Sticky Pecan Buns (recipe)
Fresh Fruit
Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea
Saturday Night Supper for Thanksgiving Weekend
Arugula Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette (recipe)
Boston Yankee Cornbread (recipe)
Turkey Barley Vegetable Soup (recipe)
Double Chocolate Brownies (recipe)
Fresh Fruit (apples, pears, concord grapes)

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu II
First Course:
Butternut Squash and Apple Soup (recipe)
Ginger Pumpkin Bread (recipe)

Main Course:
Roast Turkey with Apple, Walnut, and Challah Dressing (recipe)
Piquant Cranberry Sauce (recipe)
Potato and Parsnip Puree (recipe)
Squash Soufflé (recipe)
Broccoli and Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic Cloves (recipe)

Pear Cranberry Crisp (recipe)
Linda's Layered Apple Cake (recipe)
Oatmeal Cranberry Raisin Walnut Cookies with Chocolate Chips (recipe)

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu I
First Course:
Spinach Salad with Pears (recipe)
Pecan Rolls (recipe)

Main Course:
Roast Turkey (recipe)
Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing (recipe)
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (recipe)
Molded Cranberry Relish (recipe)
Acorn Squash Glazed with Honey Mustard (recipe)
Roasted Green Beans or Asparagus (recipe)
Strawberry Applesauce (recipe)


Apple Tart (recipe)
Pumpkin Pecan Pie (recipe)
Lemon Meringue Pie (recipe)

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